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Terms & Conditions

River City Closets Terms & Conditions 

Changes to Terms or Services. We may update the Terms at any time, in our sole discretion. If we do so, we’ll let you know either by posting the updated Terms on the Site or through other communications. It’s important that you review the Terms whenever we update them or you use the Services. If you continue to use the Services after we have posted updated Terms, you are agreeing to be bound by the updated Terms. Because our Services are evolving over time we may change or discontinue all or any part of the Services, at any time and without notice, at our sole discretion.

 APPROVAL OF FINAL DESIGNS You approve the final Designs referenced by your final Quote and authorize River City Closets LLC to create, design, order, build, and install a custom-made project. All changes must be submitted in writing.

TERMS OF PAYMENT. You commit to pay 100% of the amount due as stated. A non-refundable deposit of 60% is required, 30 percent is due when materials arrive, and final 10 percent due in full, upon Installation Completion.

INSTALLATION DATE.  River City Closets LLC  will contact you to schedule your Installation (“Installation”) on a date (“Installation Date”) that is convenient for you. Every effort will be made to honor the scheduled Installation Date, however, the date is subject to change due to variables beyond River City Closet LLC control, in which event a new mutually agreeable date will be scheduled at no additional charge. If your Premises has specific restrictions or require unusual building logistics for delivery or installation of your Project, please notify River City Closets when your Installation Date is scheduled.

INSTALLATION PROCESS. Certain steps taken by you will make the Installation Process smoother. Make arrangements so that the Installers can enter your Premises immediately upon their arrival. Prior to the Installers’ arrival, designate a Work Space (“Work Space”) area suitable for on-site cutting of materials. Also, remove all fragile valuables and other personal property in the Installation Space (“Installation Space”) and Work Space areas. River City Closets is not responsible for personal property damaged in the Installation process.

Upon the completion of Installation, fully inspect your River City Closets LLC Custom Project and report any defects, issues, objections, questions, or concerns, within 30 days of your Installation Date.

IMPORTANT: Children must remain clear of the Installation Space and Work Space at all times. Pets should be leashed or otherwise contained at all times during the Installation process.

RE-SCHEDULING YOUR INSTALLATION. You may re-schedule your original Installation Date with no less than 7 business days’ notice at no charge, receipt of which is confirmed by River City Closets LLC.  Any change in the installation date with less than 7 business days notice will result in a charge equal to 10% of the job.

EXTENDED INSTALLATION. Your Installation process may be extended if the Installers need extra time once they assess your particular Installation Space. Extra Installation time will be completed at your convenience, at no additional charge.

INCOMPLETE INSTALLATION. If, upon the completion of the Installation process, your River City Closets LLC Custom Project is fully installed and significantly complete, but is for any reason in need of any non-structural adjustments or additional parts (i.e. drawers or hardware), ornamental changes (i.e. finishes being changed), or other such adjustments (“Adjustments”), you may withhold payment of 10% of the total remaining balance of the Quote until such Adjustments have been fully resolved.

ADDRESSING GAPS BETWEEN SYSTEMS AND WALLS; BASE BOARDS.  Most walls and floors are not perfectly straight and flat, therefore, there may be small gaps in between your project and the walls.  If you would like to purchase extra trim moldings to cover any gaps, they can be purchased at an additional cost.  Most Designs have taken this into consideration.

FEES ABOVE AND BEYOND QUOTE. River City Closets LLC reserves the right to require additional fees or charges, if: Changes Post-Final Designs. Changes are made to your final Designs after approved by you; Prolonged Installation Process.  The Premises for your Installation are located in a high-rise building or other location with logistics and/or restrictions which substantially increase the Installation Process time, or if the Installers are required to spend more than an average amount of time preparing the Installation Space, or if the Installers are waiting for entry to the Installation Space, or if the Installers are required to remove unplanned shelving or other materials in order to install your Project; Re-Scheduling of Installation Date. You re-schedule your Installation Date with less than 7 business days notice given to River City Closets LLC. 

LATE PAYMENTS. Invoiced balances are due within 5 days of receipt of invoice. At 10 days past due late fees will incur at 1.5 percent per week. Past due balances on Final Payments exceeding 30 days will ensure interest and possible legal action.
PAST DUE AMOUNTS.  Any past due amounts owed by you to River City Closets LLC by more than 30 days are subject to accrual of interest at the rate of 2% of the total amount due, per each month past due, plus all costs of collection, reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs and other expenses.

River City Closets LLC is not responsible for work done by anyone other than River City Closets LLC.

River City Closets LLC LIMITED WARRANTY. Pursuant to the River City Closets LLC Limited Warranty, River City Closets LLC warrants to you that your River City Closets LLC Custom Project, after Installation, shall be free from defects in materials, manufacturing, or workmanship, and shall conform to your Designs. This Limited Warranty is contingent on your River City Closets LLC Custom Project having at all times been used and maintained in accordance with reasonable standards of care for a custom-made and installed project of its quality, including that your River City Closets LLC Custom Project: a) has at all times remained in its original Installation Space; b) has never been moved, removed, or tampered with by any party other than River City Closets LLC or its authorized representatives; c) has never had any structural, parts, hardware, or other modifications, alterations, substitutions, or additions, by any party other than River City Closets LLC or its authorized representatives; and, d) has not been exposed to water, stress, excessive weight, or other harmful conditions, and has been cleaned with non-abrasive products that will not harm its finish. This Limited Warranty is not assignable or transferrable. There are no warraties 
which extend beyond the terms set forth above. The River City Closets LLC Limited Warranty does not extend to any negligent acts or omissions committed by you or your representatives, or any acts of God.

REMEDIES.  If, at any time after Installation, and for so long as you are the owner of the Premises in which your River City Closets LLC Custom Project is installed, you discover any defects in materials, manufacturing, or workmanship in your River City Closets LLC Custom Project (expressly excluding “normal” use and wear and tear), then River City Closets LLC will repair or replace said defective or failing part of your River City Closets LLC Custom Project, at no cost to you. THE AFORESAID REMEDY SHALL BE THE MAXIMUM REMEDY AVAILABLE TO YOU. IN NO EVENT SHALL River City Closets LLC BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY COMPENSATORY, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES OF ANY KIND ARISING OUT OF, OR AS A RESULT OF, THE SALE, DELIVERY, NON-DELIVERY, SERVICING, ASSEMBLING, INSTALLATION, USE, OR LOSS OF USE, OF YOUR RIVER CITY CLOSETS LLC CUSTOM PROJECT, OR ANY PART THEREOF. IN NO EVENT SHALL YOUR LIABILITIES UNDER ANY CLAIM MADE BY YOU AGAINST RIVER CITY CLOSETS LLC EXCEED THE PURCHASE PRICE AS SET FORTH IN THE QUOTE OF YOUR RIVER CITY CLOSETS LLC CUSTOM PROJECT.

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