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Currency in materials, functional options, design themes, and practical limitations are needed for a strong contextual consultation. At River City Closets we believe an optimal solution starts with this critical element. A good starting point and knowledge of “the possible” lays the groundwork for a great design.

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The River City “secret sauce”

We have gone to great lengths to ensure our material manufacturers not only provide the highest quality and warrantied raw materials, but present the most current options for design. We have physical samples of most products so clients may see and feel “the real thing.” We have invested in state-of-the-art CAD design tools to offer an immersive and immediate design experience for our clients. With on-the-fly 3D feedback and light- simulated rendering, River City works hard up-front to ensure our clients are delighted.

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Successful solutions require obsessive preparation. Precision in measurement, thoughtful and exhaustive design, accurate material ordering/cutting, safe and reliable transportation….these must ALL precede the day we show up at your home.

Bedroom Cabinet


Commitment to Quality

As we have been the recipients of services in other lines of business in our own homes, we recognize the value of a superior onsite experience. Full stop. Not just functional excellence, this suggests a friendly, thoughtful and responsive service delivery. It requires listening and feedback. It requires flexibility and the ability to adapt to the unexpected. We are religiously devoted to be the very best in this area, and we ask our clients for their evaluations on every project.

We are committed to fostering beneficial and long-lasting

relationships with all of our clients by always striving to be the best closet designer possible.

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