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The finishing touches to your custom closet

You walk into your closet every day. It is there for you when you wake up and before getting to bed. For a space that can be so intimate, why not make it your own! More than ever, home buyers are choosing to customize their closets. Owners are now viewing the custom closet industry with high importance! Having a custom-designed and built closet is also a great selling point for both buyers and sellers. (Custom closets increase home value greatly!) Walk-In closets hold most of your loved belongings and not just clothes. Having said that, here are a few of my favorite finishing touches to add to your next custom closet!


Custom Organizers For all those little things in life and our closets. All the sunglasses that match every outfit, the jewelry that adds that extra sparkle, or the ties that tie everything together! (See what I did there) Sure these things can just be tucked away in a drawer unseen. Instead of having to fumble through everything cluttered, why not tuck them away into a custom fit built-in organizer. With a home for every piece, these everyday items are now organized for quick access. It doesn't stop at functionality, however. There are numerous ways to color coordinate, fold, and display all these items to really top everything with that extra style and grace.


Premium Lighting Lighting really sets the mood of any room, including your closet! In order to achieve that peaceful or even luxury feeling having the right lighting is key. There are various ways to incorporate this final touch into any design. You can have them so they stand out more or can hide them so you only see the glow. Having them installed in the correct places is critical to properly brighten clothing and other items. This includes the highly popular drawer lighting, proving you can illuminate any space no matter how small. In fact, brightening corners of the room can actually give the appearance of it being bigger, and who doesn't need a bigger closet!  


Shoes Here's to chasing your dreams in the cutest pair of shoes you own!

Where are your dream chasing shoes currently being kept? Treat your shoes like the collection they are! Display them on shoe shelves and possibly add that nice lighting we talked about earlier, and now one of the finishing touches of our outfits is beautifully displayed! Organization meets style when it comes to shoe shelves. Sometimes we make big purchases when it comes to our shoe collections and they can be stored as such!



The more a custom closet is personalized and styled, the more likely it will remain clean, organized and beautiful.

Are you ready to create the custom closet of your dreams? Contact us today!

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